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PPC Service

PPC Service

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PPC Services

Web4you provides wide range of services for all large and small size business. We will work with you amid and after your site is finished. We have fabricated sites of all types and sizes and promoted them effectively for year. so you can rest guaranteed that our skills are finely tuned.
Responsive Design :
We design responsive websites that don’t just focus on imagery, font size and colour but take into account other vital features like SEO, navigation and functionality.

PPC Packages

PPC Packages Starter Pack Value Pack Standard Pack Premium Pack
Minimum contract period
Maintenance Cost / Month
One Time Setup Cost
Min. Campaign Budget/Month
3 Months
20% of Budget
Rs. 999
Rs. 10,000
3 Months
15% of Budget
Rs. 1,999
Rs. 15,000
3 Months
10% of Budget
Rs. 2,999
Rs. 20,000
3 Months
10% of Budget
Rs. 3,999
Rs. 30,000
Campaign Setup
Networks :(Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, Facebook, Linkedin)
No. of Keywords
Text Ads
Banner Ads
Geo Targeting Setup
Conversion Tracking
Any 1 Network
Up to 50
Any 1 Network
Up to 100
Any 1 Network
Up to 150
Any 1 Network
Up to 300
Campaign Management
Ad Groups Creation
Ad Copy Creation
Local Search Campaigns
Day Parting
Keyword Bid Optimization
Landing Page Optimization
Ad Group Monitoring
Google Analytics Code Setup
Traffic Statistic Analysis
ROI Management
Funnel Tracking
PPC Platforms
Google Adwords
MSN Ad Center
Custom Monthly Report
Advanced Reports
Technical Support
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Min. Contract Period
Minimum Campaign Budget/Month
6 Months
Rs. 4,999
6 Months
Rs. 14,999
6 Months
Rs. 19,999
6 Months
Rs. 29,999